About Me


Growing up, I loved sports, science, art, and had a strong interest in all things invisible. I didn’t know that my perceptions were unusual until I was 19 yrs old.


For a time, I struggled with an out of control “gift” that I didn't understand and I spent most of my time trying to make it stop.

When I was in my early 20’s, I met an older woman who recognized my predicament (having no control over my senses at all). She gave me direct and kind guidance. The thing I remember most, which seemed to sear me to the core at the time was, "You're going to have to get a grip. It isn't going to stop.”

She gave me information and no-nonsense advice, starting me on the path of understanding and growing with the extra senses despite my significant resistance. Many years later, I can say I love what I do.


I receive information in pictures, sound, feelings, and thru a directly communicated knowing sometimes. I feel like it’s a bit like being a radio, and we talk a few minutes until I find the correct station, tune in, and off we go. Each person is so uniquely individual, what you bring to a session, your energy, is the indicator for what type of information is going to be waiting for you.


Now, I've been doing readings for over 30 years. It still fuels my curiosity and pushes me to grow in new ways. Each reading is always a unique experience for me. Spirit never fails to show up and I continue to be inspired by the extraordinary people I meet.


I am convinced that we are truly multidimensional beings, that extrasensory perception is not a gift for a chosen few, but a natural human capacity which lies within us all.


Inner Sovereignty is a  personal theme for me and forms the basis for my own personal development, and my personal guidelines for working with others on this fascinating journey we share.


I invite you to share in the experience of connecting with more than what we appear to be. Looking within, we are so much more than we ever believed ourselves to be.


Welcome to the world of the Invisibles, and the gifts and messages they bring in a myriad of forms. 

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