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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

People often need to be convinced to trust their own intuition. Learning the private language of your perceptions is a first step. Right after the step where you let go of the idea that ‘psychic’ is something that you aren’t. One day, labeling people as “psychic, gifted or sensitive” is going to be like labeling people with noses as “smellers”, and ears and “listeners”.

For now, science is making new discoveries every day about the field of energy we exist in. It is understood that this field is mutual, we’re all part of it. Our consciousness is mutual. The magnetic fields emitted from our hearts, still larger than any technology can measure, are intertwined with the magnetic fields of the Earth, and with each other. These magnetic fields respond to each other. Me, You, the Earth, we are all in touch, communicating and sharing in ways that show measurable effects. Magnetic fields that are color blind, genderless and without borders.

After years of doing readings, I’m certain that we all have a capacity to connect into the natural reality that surrounds and embraces us. We come to that awareness in stages or all at once, a matter of evolution, choice, and willingness. Whether we know it or not, we all filter, incorporate and share ‘invisible’ information effortlessly and constantly.

I think the easiest path to becoming aware of your own ‘extra’ sensory perceptions or multi-dimensional modes of perceiving or communicating is choosing to experience & practice compassion. It opens doorways of perception, stretching and growing us in natural and limitless ways. It is ever-expanding. It will take you anywhere you want to go. The natural, inner ways to heal, grow, and expand are always available to all of us. Trust yourself!

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