Your Session

Working with a Medium or psychic as a bridge from "here to there" is a step towards remembering that the bridge from "here to there" has been in your own heart all along.


You can ask anything you like during a session, and you won’t need to provide me with any information beforehand. I can record for you while we talk, it’s better than taking notes & frees you up to just be on the call.

We can discuss health, work, relationships, money, challenges, goals, dreams, existential questions ...  If you don't have a firm idea of where you'd like to start, that is okay too, Spirit will know where to begin, and that nudge you felt, that bit of curiosity to connect, will guide you through the process. 


While we do a session, I experience the flow itself and do not delineate the modes of perception as it's happening. It always starts with a sense of deep listening ... and then the flow of information begins.


I think of it as a communication skill, similar to translation or a busy phone operator. Information comes in the way most easily accessible and understood, and that is what determines how we'll receive your information - because we are really working in tandem.  

We all use our 'extra-sensory' senses every day with no effort or forethought. As we begin to pay attention, these senses begin to expand our awareness of ourselves and enrich our daily lives, allowing us more and more of our fully multi-dimensional living experience.

It is the process of having a heart-centered conversation with higher aspects of ourselves, our loved ones & guides,  all of whom support our journey as the self-determined, Sovereign Beings that we truly are.

Our friends in Spirit are always ready for a good chat. After all, we're light emanating, multi-dimensional co-creators of reality. Who wouldn't want to talk to us?

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